Saturday, January 25, 2014

WHAT IF? . . . A rant

"Stay hydrated"

What if everyone with cancer dared to turn on the faucet and get a drink without worrying about the water giving them an additional cancer?

What if my alma mater would tell us precisely what they plan to do about water quality?

"Avoid the sun"

What if every women (and man) receiving radiation (and for a time afterward) had a shady, safe place to sit and rest and read?  And play with the kids?  

What if every woman in "under-served areas" had a safe, shady place to wait for the bus?  

"Rest when you need to"

What if all the employed cancer patients had access to a "nap room" and a boss who thought it was a good idea?

What if cancer patients and "survivors" had an alternate way to get to work instead of an hour and a half commute?

"Gambling is illegal in this state"

What if breast cancer patients and "survivors" didn't have to play the odds of recurrence versus treatment with possible gruesome side effect?  Yes, I know the odds of the worst side effects are small.  But someone will draw the short straw.

"One in eight"

What if we can do something to make the odds more like the odds of getting polio?  

What if we each discussed this with political candidates?

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