Thursday, January 9, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Boost day 1 and more on research

The Boost, concentrated radiation on the site where abnormal cells were discovered, starts today.  I'm a little nervous about my skin.  However, the doctor did say they don't use extra radiation.

Yesterday I mentioned that my lumpectomy scar is now red.  It wasn't red even when I took off the compression bandage weeks ago.  The radiation  therapist said some people's scars even become more smooth and even during radiation.  Wonder why?

More from yesterday on wandering in the research forest

I need to :
Stick with information that has actually been published in a medical journal I've heard of
Check later on information that is only from a paper read at a conference
Prefer information from an oncologist
Be sure all online information has been peer-reviewed by an MD or two
Look for information on leading hospital sites like Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic, etc.
Make sure the information I see is dated
Decide if I think it's been outdated by something reputable or is still controversial
Ignore sites that are selling something

PS  The quilt in the lobby of the Cancer Center was made by children - each one taking a square.  And the bench where some people wait for their cars or their ride is also made by kids - one ceramic tile at a time.  Most of these artists put their names on their squares.  I look at their names and wonder how anyone in government could possibly stop fighting for cancer prevention and cure.

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