Friday, January 10, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . During the first Boost session

Thursday was a painful session.  Somehow the doctor had neglected to tell me that today's session would be longer and I would not be allowed to move the whole time.  It certainly was longer.  For someone with arthritis and tendinitis, it was like lying on the sidewalk for a half hour with arms above my shoulders in awkward positions.  My left arm and neck were in pain, despite my high threshold.

If I had known I would not be moving for so long, I would have taken two Tylenol at home first, loaded my arms and neck with pain ointment, and insisted on enough time before they started to be sure my arms would be tolerably comfortable.

This first session involved taking x-rays to mark the three angles of radiation aimed at the site of the surgery.  Take an x-ray; get it approved by the doctor, do the treatment, and so on.  Many new marks on my skin.  I do appreciate the extreme attention to accuracy.

When I got back to the changing room, I felt shaky and a bit nauseous.  Just sat in the changing room for awhile; then in the waiting room.

Then I had to go to the market.  As I was leaving there, one of my favorite radiation therapists called to remind me that tomorrow's appointment is at noon.  He listened to a little of my griping (for which I apologized) and assured me that tomorrow would not take quite so long.  I hope that's how it will be.

This morning, Sunrise Rounds post was a wonderful story about how natural it is to fear recurrence, and how we must, must work with a doctor on a surveillance plan to stay current of how we're keeping healthy.

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