Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Dangerous words plus post-lumpectomy exercise

As usual, I was mixed up on which radiation day was Monday.   Anyway, next Tuesday will be day 20, the last day of radiation and the last day of the Boost.  Everyone at the Cancer Center has been so nice.  It's pleasant to go there.

I didn't have the clothes I needed for a long walk in this cold weather yesterday.  So after radiation, I did a good set of seated exercises with my ankle weights.  I learned all of these movements from nurses and physical therapists before and after the spine fusion.  (Also walked in the Mall, which wasn't taught by nurses.)

I'm only a few weeks into healing from the lumpectomy.  This reality makes me select only upper body work that is baby-gentle on the right arm and all the tissues near the affected right breast.  Secretly, I feel the most healing exercise is petting the cat.

The other day Sunrise Rounds told a very sad story about an oncologist whose reputation was hard-hit by completely wrong information circulated at a funeral.  Apparently some people did not have the latest information on the patient's disease.  A government ruling kept the doctor from telling the actual cause of her death.

I personally have received some third-hand information that I believe is incorrect about a certain medicine, since I've checked it against the description by the National Cancer Institute.  More on the Research Forest tomorrow.

Please leave a comment if you want the description of yesterday's exercises.

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