Monday, January 6, 2014


I managed to get a post to publish in Times font, after ages of trying.  Blogspot then cheerfully eradicated two days' posts.  I am frustrated with this. Hopefully someone read them this morning before that happened. 

Today is radiation day 14.  

Yesterday I bought two "un-bras" in case of unpleasant skin "sunburn" as we get closer to "the boost."  

To review, I scrolled back to the day I met Dr. Sands, the radiation oncologist.  She said the plan is three weeks and one day, followed by four days focusing radiation directly on the known trouble area.  She doesn't call the four days The Boost, but everyone else seems to. 

Radiation brain fog is just attributed to sleepiness, but I didn't feel sleepy when I drove to the cancer center a day early for today's treatment.  They are closed on Sunday.

Can't resist looking ahead and researching Tamoxifen versus the aromatase blockers.  One patient has told me that several women she knows have had to switch back to Tamoxifen to avoid bad side effects.  

The printed information reprinted from medical journals is frequently confusing me.  Or maybe confusing everyone?  

In a couple of weeks I will try to meet the medical oncologist (in this case, the pill doctor).  Then at the end of the month, another appointment with my surgeon.  

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