Wednesday, February 15, 2012


No, cruel shoes are not off the market. No, I haven’t found the magic slippers that don’t mess up my feet even more. But there is good news.

The goodbye part is I bought the last cruel shoes on line, and the company paid the postage both ways. They sent me a pickup tag so I didn’t have to stand in line to return them. They sent me the refund faster than a speeding bullet, and were actually interested in hearing why I didn’t like the shoes and what they could do to make working with them more satisfactory. Okay, the company was Zappos. No, I do not get money for saying that.

The bad news is, as you know, a company that sells shoes can’t always influence the company that makes shoes or hires the designer who decides how shoes will look and what shape they are.

The good news is I can try again, and if the shoe doesn’t fit, so to speak, they’ll pick it up and make it go away.  And give me my money back.