Wednesday, January 22, 2014

AFTER LUMPECTOMY, HOPE! . . . Today Breast Cancer 2 forecast video

Today, medpage Hot topics:  Breast Cancer 2 video on expectations for 2014.  Three doctors speak on improvements in radiation treatment, and other developments that may give you hope.  New terms for me, like "molecular treatments."  Just search medpage.

Watching and listening, I got the good feeling that the radiation I received may have been a new and improved regimen.

Meanwhile, I realize I've been putting off taking care of things I know to do for the rest of my body.  Need to go to the Y and see what they have; need to go to the bookstore and look for Strong Women Stay Young; need to take care of m;y feet..

And if I get an appointment sooner with the medical oncologist, I need to power up on organizing my list of questions for him.   My excuse for both these issues is radiation fatigue, which comes and goes.  But . . . priorities.

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