Sunday, January 26, 2014

LOOKING FOR THE CAUSE! Breathing it? Sleeping on it?

This morning I ran into a barrage of article on fire retardants and thyroid cancer.  Since a number of my friends have had thyroid issues, and I take levothyroxine, I dove into the topic headfirst.

Memories of the new sofa bed I got in 2011 and used for less than a month at least helped me to notice these articles.  After all, someone somewhere is sleeping on it now, I'm sure.

Then there were mentions of fire retardants on foam, and I certainly slept on foam pillows at times.  Not to mention a year on a memory foam mattress!

I found several mentions on line of the hearings on the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, (CSIA)  bit didn't read all the way to the bottom line on what's next.  

Just sent an email to Breast Cancer Action, San Francisco, to ask for any updates since fall of 2013.

You can send them an email, too.  After all, many of us are wearing some of the same clothes as before we were diagnosed with DCIS or other breast cancer.  And napping on the same fire retardant sofa.

And buying things that have gone around the California laws, for better or for worse.  Like kitchen cabinet companies who order cabinets built outside CA.  And we still wear rayon, and love it, from garment  companies who buy from rayon manufacturers, for better or for worse.

Write to somebody.  Call some politician.  Call a doctor and see if he's up to date on harmful chemicals.  Tell me when you do.

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