Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Have at least one question for the radiation oncologist, about why I'm not pink now in the area I thought the Boost was targeting.  I feel awkward about asking her questions now that I've signed the release form.

Talking with a friend who has trouble with her adjuvant therapy made me very hesitant to try again for a Literacy Volunteers tutoring client.  Will the side effects make me feel like doing nothing?   It's still almost two and a half weeks before I see the medical oncologist and find out what he thinks and what medicine he advises me to take.

 And I still want and need to go to work.  Woke up hungry and too early, thinking about how to change my resume.  Preparing for a tutoring client can only be a help at a job.

One in Eight

I see contrasts between "survivors" who exercise and those who don't.  Commuting is certainly a factor - eating up as much of people's time here as in L.A.

In parking lots and in stores, I see women with parasols.  When I saw them before, the parasols seemed odd, unless the women appeared to be from a country where parasols were part of the stereotype.  Now I wonder how many of the women were having radiation and had to avoid the sun.

I'll step outside and see if it's too cold to walk outside while there are still shady places.

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