Thursday, January 23, 2014

POST - RADIATION NEXT STEP . . . My list for medical oncologist Part 1

Yesterday, I tried again to get an earlier appointment than February for the medical oncologist.  They told me to come in this morning.  Last night, coughing and sore throat started, bad enough so that I dreamed about it.  So I cancelled.

But I had already gone through my questions and worries lists in my computer.

My current  list includes:

Cataracts - already have one, and don't want any more.  How to avoid? Common?
Fuzzy thinking  -  how common?
Tamoxifen side effects - how to avoid
Tamoxifen vs Arimidex  The more I learn about Arimidex, the more I don't want it
To soy or not to soy   I suspect it will be Not to soy
Any hope for new drugs this year?

None of the research I've found so far says what percentage of women on Tamoxifen get cataracts or fuzzy thinking or any of the other side effects.  The only percentage I've found is that around 1% will get uterine cancer.

At this point, I've asked for my February 6 appointment to be reinstated.

I want some good news from this doctor, and I want good news for you.

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