Sunday, January 19, 2014

AFTER RADIATION . . . Scared enough to take care of myself?

It's late afternoon, and I'm waiting for the sun to get a little lower, so I can find some shade to walk in.  Didn't get out much today, due to digestion problems that show I'm not eating right. The five fruits and vegetables standard seems so simple until I look back over the last few days.  And not drinking enough water actually runs in my family!

The Sunrise Rounds post  BREAST CANCER PATIENTS REST IN PEACE is still standing up on the chest of drawers.  I know which exercises help with everything specific, but that article gives me a reason to use enough exercise against cancer!  Dr. Salwitz admits that scientists are not sure how exercise works.  But he uses the phrase:  will I live or will I die?  

One friend credits her good-enough experience with cancer treatment to the fact that she had already been doing water aerobics for years.  (And still does.)
I did all my on-the-bed exercises again this morning, starting with the leg moves.  Some of the arm and shoulder and neck moves have multiple benefits, and none of them are too strenuous for my healing lumpectomy surgery.  

When it's freezing out, I have these mini-dumbbells and ankle weights to give me a workout, but the spine and other parts of me (and how my jeans fit) also depend on plenty of walking.  I still haven't gone up to the Y to see what exercise equipment they have for those cold, cold days.  Or hot, hot days.

I'm going to start writing in my purse calendar what days I ate 5 fruits and veggies, and what days I did which exercises.

Just call it a lifesaver reality check.

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