Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LUMPECTOMY- THE SEQUEL . . . Last day of radiation, but it ain't over 'til

Saw the radiation oncologist yesterday.  First the nurse took my temp and BP.  She told me the doctor would look at my breast skin, and that she would look at the same time.  I wanted the nurse to go ahead and look and then go away.   She will be putting me through some paper work today for release.  And probably something about skin care.

Dr. Sands congratulated me, which seemed strange.  She said she would see me again -- was it six months or a year?  Then every year.   Periodic visits seem typical, from what I've read - I have no idea why.  She did ask who would be following up with me, and I told her I was sure I'd be seeing a lot of the medical oncologist.  She agreed.

She asked me who the medical oncologist would be.  I couldn't remember his name.  Then she told me to call him and make an appointment.  (You know being told to do what I definitely know to do pushes my resentment button.)    

I have always been very uncomfortable having the nurse standing there during my talks with the doctor.  I am reluctant to tell the doctor anything I don't like or wish had been done differently with the nurse listening.  Feels like confronting your boss in front of other employees.

What is the etiquette concerning my special thanks to the two radiation therapists who have made my visits actually happy?  I guess I'll have to send them a note in the mail, something that I always procrastinate about.   I am taking cookies to the center this afternoon.

 Will I get a patient feedback questionnaire?   Will it go to the Center manager, who is also a radiation therapist?   I can't give a really honest feedback unless it is to someone outside the unit.

I think I need a break to feel what my friend calls "normal" before I start with the medical oncologist. And the Tamoxifen Talk. Of course I hope I really do like him.  I expect five to seven years more of treatment with heavy side effects.

There is no 'til it's over with this disease 'til there's a cure.

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