Friday, January 28, 2011


Announcing the debut of the MAJ award, which for now goes only to mystery writers, but later, who knows.  Obviously the MAJ isn't writing to get what we need, even tho some of us do sorta need our mysteries!  MAJ is for fun, and we do need fun.  

Since this is the anniversary of the death of beloved Robert B. Parker, the very first MAJ is awarded posthumously to him for Best Female Character Created by a Guy!  Sometimes I can almost hear Susan talking to Spenser-- or almost see her.


Friday, January 21, 2011

CLUTTER - getting smart to get what we need

Is your New Year's resolution to build some new drawers or cabinets or even more ambitious storage to hold what you haven't yet thrown away or given away?    

AARP (of all places) has a quickie six-step tutorial about hiring a contractor.  Hopefully, it applies to all states.  It includes checking out the prospects, what to insist on, even how to negotiate!

Now all you need is to get somebody fifty-something to admit he or she's a member, and to lend you the Jan/Feb 2011 magazine.    Or you can pretend you're going to build a store room and just read their bit on Dancing with the Stars!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Just put my money back where you found it!

For the first time in ages, I bought TIME at the checkstand.  I salute the woman named Phyllis for talking back to Michael Crowley, who supposedly wants Social Security payments cut.   So for the only time, I wrote to TIME:


Let's hear it for Phyllis Hagmaier, Williamsburg, VA (January 10)!
Social Security is not a gift. Not only have we paid into Social Security all our lives, but people working long past retirement age still pay in.

Then Medicare is deducted from the monthly payout. And it pays only part of medical expenses.

The names of people who authorized "borrowing" should be published. But above all, the debt should be repaid.
Maybe we should stop worrying for a minute about identity theft, and get our Social Security savings paid back.

Thanks to TIME for publishing Phyllis' letter.