Friday, January 17, 2014

RADIATION AND AFTER . . . Danger in a bottle

For some of us, keeping track of our medicines, lotions, and potions is practically a second career.  

Replacing them is somewhat complicated by the lighting in my usual drugstore, which would be perfect for an intimate restaurant where lovers rendezvous.  For reading labels, useless.  

This week  I bought a big bottle of Eucerin lotion that's not the "original" version I wanted.  I've trusted this company for my sunscreen and my everyday lotion for over a year.  So I didn't read the entire back of the bottle.

 This morning at home, I read the very fine print, found a Sunburn warning, and learned that this Intensive Repair version has ALPHA HYDROXY ACID, AHA, which can make us more vulnerable to the sun!  

Since I just finished radiation this week, (we who've been radiated are still  supposed to avoid the sun and use sunscreen) I can't even use this lotion on the bottoms of my feet!  After an annoyed search, I found the receipt.  Luckily, CVS will take it back.  

Then I have to replace it, and concentrate on exercise and hydrating!  

I wish you all better health and comforting moments.


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