Friday, July 29, 2011


Macy's sent me an e-mail asking for comments on my casual shoes purchases yesterday.  (Wisely, the Glendale store didn't ask for my comments on their shoe department!)

Luckily, clerk Alex in Burbank was a great help, but by the time I got back to her, I was frazzled.  She brought out a brand new pair of the sandals style I had just tried on, and I was too tired to try the new pair on.  Big mistake. 

All in all, the quality of the sandals (Clarks) doesn't compare with my old Clarks (neither does the fit--less secure) and Macy's did not have the colors like pewter and bronze that go on to fall in SoCal.  

I answered the survey, and later I will give a few well-chosen words to the manager.
(Wouldn't it be lovely to buy something that was even BETTER than your last purchase from that particular brand?)  PS  I did get a compliment on them, which makes me wish they fit well enough to wear all the time.

Happy feet to you.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Woman who have never met before are approaching each other in parking lots, talking urgently, and exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses. No, this is not espionage. They are not swapping names of Botox docs in exotic countries. It is part of a frantic search for shoes! Shoes that actually fit and shoes that might be kind to feet already damaged by shoes that didn’t fit.

One of my best friends reported a month ago that she had walked into and out of some of her formerly favorite stores thinking: Where are my shoes? Those of us with atypical feet have been wearing the wrong shoes for years and now have a set of damaged little toes and damaged big toes.

I've worn the dumb shoes, partly due to budget concerns, partly because I couldn't find any that fit, and I have the damage to prove it. I can’t have pedicures now, partly because of fear of more damage, and partly because a pedicure won't glamourize what’s left.

Face it, many working women cannot afford over $200 for the shoes designed by a podiatrist. And, remember, one shouldn’t wear the same shoes every day, so we’re talking maybe $500 for TWO pairs right off the bat.

Barefoot at my particular job is pushing it.  Well, actually, it's out of the question . . .so what do I do? What do YOU do?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


1. Bathroom scale (how the devil did I gain weight without toast, pasta, or maple nut scones?)

2. Pretty, comfy shoes

3. Margarita mix

4. Acne soap (how the devil did I get zits at my age without pizza, toast, or maple nut scones?

5. Bananas and almond butter; yogurt and cocoa powder

6. A blender I can clean in thirty seconds without using a laser

7. Prettier underwear

8. A bigger fridge for all those fruits and vegetables and fruits and vegetables

9. Interesting make-up to try on while I’m nibbling weird rice crackers

10. A drive-up coffee shop so I don’t see all those scones

Monday, July 11, 2011


This is what I have learned so far, over and over and over:

1. Some substances being sold to pour on your cereal or in your coffee can disgust you so much that you rush to a coffee shop and put three sugars and two creams in your coffee.

2. Absolutely put down the spoon between bites even if you are reading the exciting part of the mystery novel.

3. Chewing each bite 26 times prepares food for your stomach and can make you late for work.

4. After a certain age, losing a lot of weight can make your skin hang like a monk’s bathrobe.

5. After you reach a weight your doctor likes, you still MUST view your rear when trying on pants.

6. It is not nice to punish your kids by making them drink the stuff mentioned in #1.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Two small gift certificates and a big, big sale.  Got a great top, still had money left on certificates.  Got a skirt, to checkstand.  Turned around, found another one of the skirt I really wanted.  That one fit.  Back to checkstand, skirt was on big sale, also.  A great outfit and only $11 out of pocket.  I've also had bargains there in the past on leather belts and leather watch band, and a leather bag!!