Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Day 11, skin and questions

Monday, was the halfway point of the 20 treatments/4 weeks, and I didn't even notice.

Today, woke with the worst headache in a long time; but last night and today had energy for organiziing and exercises.  The breast is pink but so far doesn't look sunburnt.  Once in a while it hurts inside for a few minutes - I wonder if this cold spell could have something to do with it?

Secret thoughts:  Maybe having Christmas and New Year's off from treatment is a benefit.  Daring to wonder if a day off in the middle of each week could be beneficial?  Not daring to ask anyone.

Yesterday, Tuesday, they took an X-ray before the treatment.  They've done this before and told me they do it periodically.  Of course my first thought was:  More juice going into me.  More rays.  I need to ask what they learn from the X-rays.

Energy?  Fatigue?  I'm not sure how much of going back to sleep in the mornings is the holiday season and many changes in routine, or the radiation, or laziness. . .

I wish more health and healing for all of us this year - inside and out!

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