Monday, January 13, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Are you using this weapon?

 More than a decade ago, a doctor told me that there is a region in the brain that responds to live music.  

There are many who believe that live music is healing.  Somewhere in the archives of the L.A. Times is an article from years ago about a woman who rolled her harp down the sidewalk to Children's Hospital to play for the little ones.  And there was a piano in the  Acute Rehab unit at Huntington Hospital.  People would come in at noon to play for us.  The quality was variable, but I still believed it was healing.

Unfortunately, sidewalk musicians are very rare here.  So, my main live music source is my daughter's practicing the song she will teach to the children in her class.  She has learned that one instrument, the recorder, can make a sound harmful to very young ears.  So, instead, she plays a very simple flute.  

Music I like is hard to find here on the car radio.  But when certain favorites do come on, I definitely sing along.  So maybe my own singing is healing me.  And remember that shaman story, and the question:  How long has it been since you've sung?  (Or words to that effect.)

Of course there's evidence that recorded music is healing, too.  At least we know it brings healthy states like lower blood pressure and relaxation.  My roommate last year gave me some great earbuds for laptop music.  Why don't I use them more?  And even sing along?

What've we got to lose?

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