Saturday, January 11, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . The bottom line

Yesterday, Friday, was better.  My arm is not totally better from yesterday, but today, my two favorite radiation therapists were handling the treatment.  They have both been wonderful at bringing my head back to the joys of the real world and out of the strange world of the radiation room.

When I read the NCO site slowly and stop to think, the reality hits hard.   Tamoxifen does not kill cancer, it just keeps hormones from feeding abnormal cells.  Surgery does not kill cancer; it just removes cancer cells modern medicine has found.  Radiation is the deadly weapon in my arsenal.

The rest of the fight after radiation, and from now on, will be up to me.  The personal power in my arsenal is:

Reading The Immune Power Personality, often, and acting on the findings there.

Reading  Rest In Peace.  (You know--that one about exercise.) And I'll exercise.

Reading the material on new developments.  Morning Rounds said today that women now have their final illness for five years, on average.  Not a good way to go.  I hope we're all aided soon by some better discoveries.

Asking  what pharmaceutical companies and our nation are doing that actually works.

Saying my prayers.

And I will ask the forbidden question:  wouldn't anyone rather die of a heart attack than cancer?

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