Monday, January 27, 2014

DCIS - AFTER RADIATION . . . Questions and impatience.

It's easy to forget that DCIS doesn't excuse us from life's little aches and illnesses.  We've all had some sort of  "cold" this week, with scary coughs.  My inherited sinus problem went crazy, and the results were not pretty. Luckily, a vaporizer helped a lot, after I finally learned how to work it.  And I walked outside for extra humidity.  But I still feel dehydrated, and I know it's not healthy.

In the shower, I still see black marks on me--leftover guidance marks for radiation.  A nurse or someone told me not to scrub the marks and stickers!  As if I would scrub a breast that was red and tender?  Also, my lumpectomy scar is still red almost two weeks after the Boost.  The rest of my color scheme: pink on the side near the breastbone, pale on the side of the Boost. Why?  

Generic Benadryl helped me to sleep during the cold, as  always. When it wore off this morning, I started to cough again.  I worry about giving up this medicine that interferes with Tamoxifen, and yet I still have no idea if Tamoxifen will be prescribed!

Friday is my appointment with the surgeon; always glad to see him.  And then another week before I can see the medical oncologist and get some answers.  "Get some answers" seems to be the motto of the DCIS world.  

I just want the day when I feel I can "start my life."  Or at least go back to it.

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