Sunday, January 12, 2014

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . the position aches, pains, the burn


Day 3 of the boost is coming tomorrow.   I don't really know how much of the pain I felt Thursday was arthritis, how much was tension, and how much was muscle problem.  I just know it still hurt Friday, though that treatment was very short.

Today it hurts to massage the muscles behind my left shoulder.  I spent a lot of this morning doing all my reclining exercises - in other words, on the bed, then massaged everything I could.

Then I read again my California doctor's neck and shoulder exercises.  I still need to massage my arms as closely as I can to the way my California PT did it.  Closest thing I have to his massage oil is jojoba oil from TJs, but I've been using Traumeel (from Germany).  Frankly, it didn't do enough for pain on the first day of the boost.

I still have no itching in the radiation area, thank Heaven.  My nipple hurts, and my incision sometimes hurts for a minute, more than it did right after the lumpectomy.  However, when I read that some people have radiation for 10 weeks, and that some women worked with blisters on their breasts, I know I have a lot to be grateful for.  The big tube of Aquaphor is always at hand. The other oncologist did tell me not to use a thick coat lot of lotion right before the actual treatment.   So, at that time, I use regular Eucerin sparingly.

The un-bra I wear to bed is Basics XL.  The microscopic print also says Bravado!  It's 3/4 cotton and I think it would be great to wear on those amazingly hot days here in summer.

Also, if no one told you, we're supposed to stay out of the sun.   Perfect excuse to stay in and exercise seated with ankle weights, then 2-pound arm weights.

I wish you more health,

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