Saturday, October 13, 2018

THE LAST 4 or 5 pounds: The Plateau versus The Ego

It crept up on me.  I've always gone up and down a pound or two with my new eating regime.  (And since I do retain water, there will be some higher numbers at times. )

But the last week or so,   the  same couple numbers keep bouncing  up and down..

And I hate it.  Especially because my doctor isn't delighted that these few pounds are at a lower level than months ago.

I want to go in there in two weeks and show him Progress! But he's a doctor, not a guy who will take my picture for a yearbook or something.    

I want to see the best of my numbers every day on the scale.  

Yes, it's ego.   

And I'm embarrassed to write about it because I know a plateau, a time to rest at the same weight before going on can be good for us.

  (Remember I was the one who lost too many pounds too fast two years ago, and watched them come stubbornly back.)

I know that if I keep up my eating plan, and stabilize here,  (okay, and remember to check if I'm thirsty when I think I'm hungry) the next three or four pounds will go in good time..  

I wish you health.

Saturday, October 6, 2018


My PTh doesn't say much when I mention how tired I get.  I'm wide awake when we're working on my strength, balance, and endurance.

But other days, I may be  just plain tired, or have leg fatigue or allover fatigue.  Even in a few-minute nap, I fall asleep. (Good for my dry eye, at least.)

But  what if there's more to the tiredness?  So of course I went shopping on line for answers--this time to Healthbeat in my email.

Harvard had a lot to say about something called ATP, which I had to look up:

"ATP is a high-energy molecule found in every cell. Its job is to store and supply the cell with needed energy. " from

Then back to Harvard.  " your body produce more ATP and replenish dwindling energy levels. The most common strategies revolve around three basic concepts: diet, exercise, and sleep. "         

Let's talk about food.  And some of their suggestions you already know I do:
"Diet. Boost your ATP with fatty acids and protein from lean meats like chicken and turkey, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, and nuts. "  But too many nuts and too much meat..they say my body has to work harder and uses up my ATP.

Then they mention what I do!

 "When lack of energy is an issue, it’s better to eat small meals and snacks every few hours than three large meals a day," according to Dr. Komaroff..."Your brain has very few energy reserves of its own and needs a steady supply of nutrients,” he says.

 “Also, large meals cause insulin levels to spike, which then drops your blood sugar rapidly, causing the sensation of fatigue.”  my bold

Then: something many of us need work on:  enough water.  A slim, energetic , older friend of mine told me recently she is required to drink 7 of those grocery store 6 pack bottles of water.  I know I"m still not drinking that much.  But Harvard stresses the amount:
"If your body is short on fluids, one of the first signs is a feeling of fatigue. ...Although individual needs vary, the Institute of Medicine recommends men should aim for about 15 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids per day, and women about 12 cups (2.7 liters). " They offer some foods with high water content, but you can figure it out.  It is watermelon season, after all.!

 There are so many ways I need to pay attention to this water amount.  Do you?

I wish you health.

Friday, September 28, 2018


Today I have to throw away four small slices of cheese. For a cheese addict, this is like throwing away a car.

It seems I need to watch the salt intake (due to retaining water.)  Along with drinking enough water.

So, I have to check labels for more  than just sugar - the sodium content can be staggering, as can the fat content.  Less fat = more salt too often. Gotcha!

Day before yesterday I ignored reality and bought a package of a cheese I really, really like.  Now, the label  keeps jumping out at me, shouting FAT and SALT!   And those ankles are a bit...puffy.  No, I won't say "stay tuned for the big cheese sacrifice."

What I will say is: if you suspect that salt and fat may play a part in your weight (or whatever part of your health) you might try reading labels on your next trip to the store for fun and excitement.

If your spouse buys all the food, do your label recon at home, say "No, thank you" to danger, and go feed the cat to avoid a discussion.

Friday, September 21, 2018

THE LAST 4 OR 5 POUNDS - True confessions..

I was serious on the 5th about that fact:

The more you bring home of something to eat, the more you eat!

A week or so ago, my daughter was going to the store, asked for my list.  I included "2 or 3 Lara bars."

When she brought my food, she said:  "There are so many bars in here because they had the sale to end all sales."  Yikes.

NO, I don't throw them away, they are healthy food.
Carry one to stay away from Biggie Burger after hours in the doctor's office....
They don't freeze hard enough to make me stop and think.
It's not Halloween, so I don't feel required to give them away.

 Before the end of the day, I had eaten 1 1/4 already.  And the rest of the week, and now... trying to watch myself about them.  Eating more bread and butter is not the solution.

One fact that keeps me from  overdoing is:

When we think we're hungry, we may really be thirsty.  So I check on whether I'm drinking enough water.  Or decaf.  (Or, we may just want another bar.)

I wish you health.

Friday, September 14, 2018

THE LAST 4 or 5 POUNDS - Great Expectations

Yesterday the scales hit a new number that I haven't seen for far too long.  It was only a difference of ounces, but felt like a victory.

This morning I woke feeling no better than I did pounds ago. I had expected to feel healthy,  wealthy,and wise.  And all that other stuff.  Instead, stiff and sore. I need to face what doctors I respect say on line almost every day: 
A sedentary lifestyle is a problem at any weight.   

I'm older, as well as a few pounds lighter. I've been in the chair too often with a mystery or a modem in hand.  This lighter body needs exercise as much as ever, and no Hollywood hills here to climb, no beach for easy jogging. 

So, I was delighted to see my Physical Therapist today for some hard work on leg muscles.  

I wish you health.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


The doctor isn't impressed with the amount I've lost, but I like my slowly earned numbers!

One FACT that can help:

The more of something you bring home, the more you eat!

(So my freezer has six packs of plain veggies- one serving to start a meal.)

I avoid the full container of chopped peanuts, and
Avoid the delicious variety of cheese sticks, and stick to one pack.
And only one container of Tzatziki- which I love
I buy several Lara Bars but rush them into the freezer!

The other thing I stock up on a bit is apples.  (Peeling them slows me down, so I don't eat too many.)

Bottom line: Put away your crisis food,
Then don't stock up unless the market is more than a long day's journey away.

(Or you have a tough trainer to rush things into the freezer.)

I wish you health.

Monday, July 9, 2018



 I wanted to feel healthier - acid reflux was bothering me, and I'd had a goal weight posted on the refrigerator door for a year...unsuccessfully. 
 Every article about reflux mentioned losing weight if you need to.   

Then suddenly I read:

"Stress is the main cause of weight gain around our middles..." 

The writer is a dietitian and author.  www.marilyn

 For once, I decided to trust a dietitian. I read more and decided I could handle enough of the suggestions to make myself a plan. 

 And the idea probably grabbed me because it lets me make the daily decisions.  Now on the fridge is a full page, closely spaced list of ideas, many hers - including my new eating plan. 


  Trying to eat every three hours 

 1-minute cooked oatmeal and half a cup frozen blueberries
  2/3 of a TEASPOON of  unprocessed sugar. 
 a little cheese chaser, for the  acid in  blueberries. 

Fruit and bit of bread w yogurt,  bite of cheese for me

frozen veggies, Half sandwich, 10-grain sandwich bread
or tuna pouch from grocery, and maybe part of a Lara peanut/date bar

tiny sandwich, veggies, maybe apple

Frozen veg microwaved
Precooked chicken from local grocery, deli, or fish
Salad with dressing  Bite of Lara Bar

Same veggies
little salad
Scrambled eggs, bits of uncured smoked ham
One bite of Lara bar

Dr. Glenville's secrets include eating every three hours.  Makes my schedule tricky at times.
If I'm in a place like doctor's wait room and 3 hours are up, I need to graze on something healthy.  If it weren't 98+ degrees here, I could just eat a cheese stick in the car.

Other suggestions from her and others

  "Try to put protein in every meal." .
  Eat every veg you can find,  (in morning snack I may use an apple instead of the veg)
 Small meals. No big meal  Your usual schedule may take a few hits
 Try not to eat carbs after 6 pm.
 Sit quietly at the table,   (stress makes us grab something, then  rush to make that call or...)
      ( I'm learning that I sit quietly but still chew as if I were late to put out a fire.)


Although my weight tends to jump around, it's now at least 4 or 5pounds below where I had been for years.  (I still eat too much cheese.)

I loved seeing a new number on the doctor's scales last week!

You can Google Dr. Glenville.

My plan, as you see, is  extracted from the work above, altho  my notes also mention EXPRESS online.