Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Senator: Now About MY money

There are Social Security recipients in California, as you know.

 I cannot help being angry when I hear Social Security lumped under "entitlements." This is OUR money. We paid it in whether we wanted to or not. We voted for people in good faith, and some of them "borrowed" it without our permission. It has not been repaid.  If we borrow without permission, or do not repay what we borrow, we are in serious trouble. 

Medicare is not a gift. It comes out of the Social Security I am STILL paying into. And my Prescription coverage is deducted before I see the money. Then from the check I receive, I pay almost two hundred dollars more for a supplement, without which I could not afford the hospital, the retina repair specialist, or even my personal physician.

This money is NOT the property of any political party to keep in part to make up for budget foolishness in other areas, or for whatever was financed with what they "borrowed."

My friends and I are still working. The Social Security we already get does not sustain us in frugal living, and so we work. Please do not allow anyone to take away more of our money, OUR MONEY, and leave us out on an ice floe to die.


Margaret Fleming

HELLO WORLD - Lady Antebellum

I may need to establish a new award.  This song by Lady Antebellum is blood pressure medicine for me--nothing better the radio could play when I'm on my way to work or on the way home thru evening traffic.  Confession:  the video brought tears to my eyes--something I never thought a music video could do!
So, yeah, I'm a fan now.