Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good for John Frieda

When the sprayer stopped working on my daily standby Frizz-ease    leave-in conditioner, I had to go to work looking like...well, picture Raggedy Ann with her little cloth thumb in the electric socket.  The online help wasn't making me feel better, so this morning I called the 800 crew. 

I got an actual grown woman who seemed to want to help!  She asked for a lot of numbers off the bottle, and quickly promised me a coupon for a replacement.  

She said it will take 8 to 10 days for the coupon to get here, so til then, the looks of this hair will at least provide fun for the local grooming police.   But the bottom line is, John's customer service is SO far above the other companies I've called in years.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

NO more preaching to the choir, no more lousy statistics

Cc: Bulletin@aarp.orgDear Mr. Rand:

In your [april] Where We Stand, I read that AARP backed the ACA 2010. The rest of the article was enumerating problems and proposed problems and the AARP stand on the problems.

We need to know exactly, precisely what AARP is doing now and what AARP will do next week.

Please replace the Kaiser chart as soon as possible with a clear picture that shows the current situation of those who will be damaged and in some cases will die with the proposed cuts in Medicare. The Kaiser chart gives a MISLEADING, rosy picture for Congress to point to in justifying their plans.

The median is only the middle number in any set of statistics. The mode is the number that occurs most often. $30,000 is probably nowhere near the mode of retirees' financial assets. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Those of us who were damaged in a divorce, lost a spouse, or never married often have NO home equity, so $60,000 only represents a number between us and those with huge home equity. In other words NO HOME EQUITY is the modal situation as far as I can find out. ZERO is probably our typical home equity, not $60,000.

Please clarify with specifics.