Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear Santa:

Yes, I am still a keeper, despite the recent move to one room.  Even after giving up several rooms of things, my old favorite storage gifts are still my favorites.  In case some other keepers need presents, may I suggest these:

Transparent plastic boxes, the flat ones so I can reach the makeup remover pads or whatever's in the bottom.

Transparent but colored big envelopes.  Blue for my writing samples, clips, and writing I will read aloud when I get brave.  Purple for stuff on fashion.  Other colors for other keepers' needs.

The tiny, transparent chest of drawers for ditsy labels, binder clips, and whatever would get lost in regular drawers.

The big transparent box that slides under the bed. 

(Do you see a trend here in the kind of boxes?)  It killed me to dump the pretty red boxes but I had no idea what was in the them until I moved.  Like my favorites of the photos I took walking Hollywood and walking the beach.

CAUTION:  I bet you already know this, Santa, but I learned the hard way that plastic storage turns white sweaters yellow! 

Happy holidays to you and the four-hoofed folk!
(photo by kflemingdesign)