Thursday, January 30, 2014

BREAST CANCER - Stayin' Alive . . . that book again

In THE IMMUNE POWER PERSONALITY, on p 76 of my copy, my bookmark is a thin red pen.  The page is that important.

Author Dreyer refers to a famous study with breast cancer patients by psychiatrist David Spiegel.  Spiegel formed a group, and half of them were also in a support group along with the medical treatment.

The group encouraged them to be aware of their needs and feelings, share them with the group, get social support from the group, and be more expressive and assertive with doctors and relatives!  
Women in the support group got better at doing that, and lived twice as long as the patients who got only medical care!

Maybe I've talked about this before, and I may again.  Few things are more important than how I think and how I act on what I know.

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