Saturday, February 8, 2014

WHO REALLY KNOWS How to Take Care of Ourselves

If you are a patient;  if you are a patient who was taught to smile and always follow the rules; if you believe you are taking care of a patient. . .

Please read yesterday's (Friday's) PULSE Voices from the Heart of Medicine:  She Sits on the Curb in Her Hospital Gown.  That patient inspires me.

Since radiation is over, I'm considered "cured" of DCIS.  But to keep breast cancer away, I should take Tamoxifen for five years.

And, for the rest of my life, I must dare to do what I know inside is taking care of myself. Please dare to take care of your soul and your need for pleasure, no matter how it looks to others.  And remember laughter is healing.  So is singing.

If you are a caregiver, let your patient dare to live in a way that takes care of himself, or herself, not just the hospital way.  Please read She Sits on the Curb. . .


Falling asleep is not easy without my diphenhydramine.  Giving up my Zone Perfect soy bars is easier.  I've switched to "Oatmeal to Go" for now.  The soy milk is down the drain. Oh well, without it I'll probably drink less decaf.

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