Thursday, February 20, 2014

IF I BOUGHT A HOSPITAL - Part 2 . . I'd copy these things

I was not an inpatient in this hospital, but they did some things I appreciated:

1.  Just about everybody smiled at me.  Real smiles, not the ones you get when people have been told to smile.

2.  I got some understanding and a couple favors when I was "called back" for further mammos.

3.  Outpatients really did get a beeper!  I did get to go back to my car for something, go to the rest room, etc.

4.  Since everyone is scared of needles, blood was drawn in the room with the lovely cot,  which was delightfully arranged under a big glass window with view of a million trees.

5. Radiation patients had reserved parking. On the rare days it was full, there was free valet parking and retrieval.  

6. The nurses in the surgery center were incredibly busy and also very organized, quiet, and friendly.  Everyone seemed happy.

7.  My two favorite radiation therapists were angels!  

8.  I got music by artist of my choice during radiation treatments.

9.  There was coffee and a few snacks in the big waiting room of the Breast Center.

10.  I got a real map that was accurate for going from the surgery center building to the blood drawing bldg.  (Alas, there was no antidote for the parking lot the size of a daycare playground where the blood was drawn.)  Make a note for when I buy a hospital. 

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