Monday, February 3, 2014

SURVIVORS - The important three-letter word

 Doctors have told me to exercise, take my pills, and wear a mask when walking in the Hollywood hills.   

I don't remember even my favorite CA doctor prescribing fun.  But he probably did.  I know he has an absorbing interest in addition to medicine.

In Henry Dreher's book, The Immune Power Personality, Dr. George F. Solomon's name comes up again and again.  I Googled him for specifics.  In short, he was a pioneer in discovering the link between our minds and behavior and our immunity.  

The University of California's memorium for Dr. Solomon uses the phrase, "brain, behavior, and immunity."  In his autobiography, with his list of positive values, he included "having sports cars."  

When mine was stolen, I didn't replace it.  Hmmm.

In talking with Dreher, Dr. Solomon listed healthy traits he has observed.  Number seven is:  The capacity for pleasure and play.  

He is quoted later in the book as saying, "And some people don't know how to play.  I believe that people need a balance among love, work, and play in order to stay healthy." 

Do we dare ignore that?

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