Saturday, February 1, 2014

DEALING WITH DOCTORS . . . what I'm still learning to say

One healing trait from Dr. Spiegel's study (see yesterday's post)  was being assertive with doctors.  I think I'm pretty assertive with them, but it depends on the doctor and on how secure I feel.

I was more assertive with specialists in California because I felt that my primary doctor, whom I trusted completely, had my back.  Now being in Texas still feels new.   I don't feel I have a medical safety net yet, except for the surgeon. 

Sometimes, with a particular doctor, I'm not assertive because I feel it won't do any good.  Maybe I started out by being passive with that doctor.   Or right then I was just overwhelmed. 

Some women have always been discouraged from being assertive.  For instance, my ex-husband tried to make me leave an assertiveness workshop.   Maybe he thought assertive meant aggressive.

I need to remember to say:

Please let me finish.  (Said very politely before I get angrier)

No, it doesn't feel like that.

What else could this be?

I've had this before.

How else could we treat this?

I need to speak.

I was really upset when I learned that the directions were not complete!  How can we communicate so that doesn't happen again?  

Yes, these are in bold type.  They are urgent--urgent enough to practice before we get into the doctor's office. 

I wish you health.

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