Thursday, February 13, 2014

CANCER TREATMENT - Who's the boss? . . . Part 2

Patient power.  A voice.  It comes in unexpected places.  Or do we just hear about it when it's part of an interesting story?  

Yesterday I read an article that started with a story about a woman patient on the California Redwood Coast.  What's interesting about her?  She's called a patient representative.  Not in a nationwide, highly publicized mega-organization, but in a doctor's practice!

The doctor has weekly round tables, including patient representatives, as part of a program to improve outcomes.  One day, this woman went home and outlined her five-point plan that could improve the practice.  She presented it at the next round table, listened to the reactions, answered them, and got some respect.

I want that.   

Why wait for a hospital patient feedback survey that will probably never present our plans and suggestions to a doctor or administrator?

I've read that many hospitals do have patient advisory boards. I've lived in seven cities and never heard of one.  This practice in this tiny town has one.  

I want that. I want patient representatives to have real voice and real contributions that get accepted and tried.  

Don't you?

PS My apologies - I believe I read the article in MEDPAGE daily headlines, but it's lost to me right now. 

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