Sunday, February 23, 2014

TAMOXIFEN - Life Without Soy

Yes, the doctor did say:  If it says soy, run.

Yesterday morning I returned some fiber bars.  At the very end of their ingredients:  soy.

My regular market is huge.  I went on a soy hunting safari, and discovered  I'd have to live on twigs and berries.  My standbys from Quaker Oats - cookies and Oatmeal to Go contain soy or at least the isoflavones.  So far I haven't found soy in the grocery's private blend instant oatmeal. 

Just about everything else I touched had soy isoflavones "for emulsifier."  

I baked regularly until I was in my fifties, and never needed an emulsifier.  Neither did my grandmother.
Now I read even chocolate bars need emulsifying,.  
Oh, well, the GI doctor says no chocolate, anyway.

I came home with a small bag of trail mix, some white crackers that are definitely not whole wheat, some fruit, a muffin, and a jar of jam.  

This morning, I went on a soy lecithin safari on line:

 From Sloan Kettering  INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE  Information about herbs, botanicals, ...SOY
Herb-Drug Interactions
Tamoxifen: Animal studies suggest that genistein, a soy isoflavone, may antagonize the effects of tamoxifen on estrogen-dependent breast cancer (MCF-7) (38) (39).

Why did I get on line to the medical sites again? Searching for a way out?  A loophole?  Instead, it's back to the days when a cheese stick in my purse would get me through.

Healthy eating.  Hmmm.

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