Monday, February 10, 2014

A RANT ON PCMH ("Patient-centered medical homes")

This morning brought up some medical groups I'd never learned about: Patient-Centered Medical Homes.  I'm very unhappy about what I read and what is being spent.

I had occasionally seen a website on these "homes," wondered what they were talking about, but never checked into the concept and how they work.  More important, I don't even know how to keep from getting into one by accident.

According to Jan Gurley, MD's article, the PCMH patient loses her ability to change primary doctors!  Not a chance.  I've gone without some things to keep the Medicare supplement that allowed me to stay with my beloved L.A. area primary doctor.  Why would I give up the ability to choose?

The footnote said Dr. Gurney blogs on DOC  GURLEY.   The link sent me to a website:

I'll be doing more research on this topic, but first I'll be writing to the White House about how scary this concept is so far for me.

I wish you health.  And medical care freedom.

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