Friday, February 28, 2014

BREAST CANCER . . . I was too hasty

The first few times I heard on my car radio the buzz-phrase Breast Cancer Awareness, I wanted to yell in parking lots:  We're already plenty aware of it, now get busy and fix it!

But yesterday morning while blogging, I remembered my last visit to the dentist.  The assistant wanted more X-rays but I told her no, that I was starting radiation.  She looked confused, so I said:  I have DCIS.

Frowning slightly, she asked:  What's that?  I gave her some kind of brief answer; I think I did say breast cancer.  So yes, there's still a need for awareness and education.

I'm not sure if the dentist heard me from the next little half-cubicle, but later after a quickie look in my mouth, he patted my arm and said something kind about "your problem."  

So yes, as I said a couple of days ago, people are still whispering about breast cancer and afraid patients want to keep it a secret.

But awareness is useless without analysis of the problem (including finding the cause)  and actively working for the solution.

And yes, I still want to yell in public places, but now I want to yell:  Get busy! Find the causes and get rid of them.  Fix breast cancer!

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