Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WAS I IN THE LADIES ROOM . . when these cancer questions were asked?

Or did no one ask how Europeans can keep so many dangerous substances out of their countries? And why we can't?

There are businesses in the European Union that need to earn a living. So how did all those carcinogens get outlawed there, while we still breathe them, and eat them, and while our kids still roll in them when they play on somebody;s lawn?  Did anyone go over there and ask how they do it?

There are businesses in other countries that have stockholders to be pleased.  So why does food on their shelves have to be labeled?  Did anyone go over there and ask how they do it?

There are sick people in other countries who take medicine.  So why do we spend more than they do on health care, and spend so much of it on drugs that Europeans wouldn't feed to their dogs?  Did anyone go over there and ask how they got those drugs outlawed?

Did anyone ask The White House whom they've sent over to Europe to learn how we can get rid of many carcinogens as they have?

Or didn't anyone here want to know?  If we do know how they keep horrible stuff out, why aren't we doing anything about it!

I read a post last night that said the French elect their top leaders by popular vote.

We used to hear over and over about looking for an honest man.  I think there are plenty of them here. And I guess they are all afraid big business will overcome their political party.

So, why don't we look for a brave man?  One who will step outside the party system and say we won't tolerate this carcinogenic poison in our country any more.  

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