Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CANCER TREATMENT - Who's the boss?

Today Jeff Haden popped up in my email from LinkedIn to announce an article called:  Your Boss is Happier Than You.  Maybe I read it because I've had a couple jobs where I was rarely happy.  

I saved this quote - hope he doesn't mind my using it here.  

Engagement and satisfaction are largely based on autonomy and independence. Just like a boss, I care more when I'm in charge and feel empowered to do what's right. 

That reminded me of how many articles I've read on medical sites that complained about patients not following their medication plan. And hospital committees formed to make patients follow their plan!

Since I needed a post for today, I went to KevinMD., and found a different kind of article:  When Something Natural Does Indeed Work, by A Country Doctor, MD.  It is a story about cooperation between a doctor and an older male patient.  Real cooperation.  The patient felt some of his medications were doing him harm.  They discussed it, and planned what to try.  His health soon suffered from giving one up. Instead of insisting, the doctor came up with an alternative, a medicine I've heard of, made from a plant.  Success!  

On the DCIS treatment, I've been lucky.  The surgeon suggested, did not order, that I meet a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist. The radiation oncologist insisted I believe her about unlikely side effects.  But she did say radiation was my decision.  

When the see the medical oncologist this week, I'll have to talk about some medications I take that supposedly don't agree with the medicine I think he will recommend.  And I'll remember the problems others are having with one adjuvant medicine.  I want us to cooperate.  And I do want this to be my decision.  

I want to go back to real life, and be in charge, not in fear.  


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