Sunday, February 2, 2014

DCIS - What's good so far

At this moment, I'm not in any kind of treatment.  It's not a pause that refreshes, mostly due to a really bad cold and sinus "ick."  My daughter, whom I live with right now, is optimistic, kind, and non-interfering.  She gave me pink flowers when I was diagnosed and offers to bring things I need from her errands.  She put up a sign that says, "Be a warrior, not a worrier." 

On my evening walks last year, I met a woman near my age.  In our chats, she once referred to herself as a cancer survivor.  She urged me to go with her to visit a gym where she has a regular workout several times a week.  When I was diagnosed, I took her up on her ongoing invitation to ring her bell for a chat.  She has been amazingly supportive. 

The most scary thing about leaving my longtime home in L.A. area was leaving my doctors, whom I loved and trusted.  When the biopsy results were not good, the mammo doctor referred me to a surgeon.  Her phrase "we work with him all the time," was not enough reassurance to calm me.  He turned out to be calm and delightful - no false optimism, no "white coat distance."  He feels like my medical safety net right now.  The surgery went beautifully.  Bottom line:   I like him.  We get along.  I trust him.

Radiation was not bad.  The very best part was the two radiation therapists I may have mentioned.  They were kind, knowledgeable, down to earth, and fun.  They treated me like a friend.

Wednesday, I see the surgeon again for followup.   

Then, the first medical oncologist visit. The surgeon thinks I will like this man.  I hope I will.  And I hope he will have solutions for some of my worries.  

Right now, I have to exercise.

So far, so good.  



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