Thursday, February 6, 2014

CANCER - WAR AND PEACE . . . and my Rant

This morning's internet made me think about yesterday's rant.  No, I don't take it back!

However, I closed yesterday with a dig at the government, or all governments the WHO "cancer surge" report involves.

And today, an email that was sent yesterday tells me that CVS is taking tobacco products off its shelves this year.  Even JAMA was supposedly excited about that.  I felt corrected for assuming only governments will fight the cause.  This is an actual business taking action on a cause of cancer.  Then I clicked Medpage  later, and read that their reporter seems to think the CVS move is just publicity or something.  

Meantime, I read Sunrise Rounds where Dr. Salwitz discourages the "war" images of cancer care.  

And two minutes later, a report that one weapon against breast cancer, brachytherapy is not as proving as effective as direct beam radiation, which I had.

It's asking a lot for patients, including yours truly, to achieve the peaceful elements of immune power, even peaceful assertiveness, but also to endure our weapons against cells inside us that have gone rogue.  And in our spare time, asking ourselves to get tough, really tough on causes of cancer.   But if we don't . . .

Now, a quick shower, and I take my questions in hand and drive off to meet the medical oncologist - for war and peace.

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