Thursday, December 26, 2013

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Radiation Day 8, life

 After the second mammogram, the days flew:  meeting doctors, feeling rushed to have the steriotactic biopsy.  I guess they still fly by, but during the day, things seem to take a long time.

I actually looked up stereotactic:  it just means x-ray guided, image guided, or mammographically guided.  I haven't had breakfast, so I'm delighted that I can spell that.

 Because of the two holidays, radiation will actually go to the middle of January!  20 days.

Last week the radiation therapist said we're advised against wearing underwire bras.  I just told him I don't wear them.  I think what prompted him to mention it is that my soft bra slides around sometimes. When I looked in the mirror Monday, I saw that the band can be pressing on the softest lower edge of the breast.  Will a new bra be more elastic, and where it belongs?

Yesterday, I took one Christmas walk.  Spent most of the day drawing and talking to my younger daughter on the phone.  Forgot to exercise with my tiny weights.  Strong Women Stay Young says I can break up the workouts into 4 20-minute workouts per week.  I haven't hit four since I've been here.  Before the spine got so bad, (seems like another lifetime) I was doing floor work every morning.  Not possible here.

The list:

Put up a big sign based on the Breast Cancer Patients Rest in Peace post* that I hope you read.  Instead of walk for the cure, my new mantra is:  EXERCISE TO SAVE MYSELF!   Talk about deferred reward!  You can't just step on the scales to see if exercise is making you live longer.

 Order a new bra, same design, but is won't be older
Order a leisure bra just in case I have skin problems before the radiation is over.

* from Sunrise Rounds

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