Thursday, December 5, 2013


Back to Dr. Hubbard.  I requested another look at the pathology report - 3 pages.  When I saw the size of the piece removed, I was startled.  It was bigger than I had thought, and nothing in the report led me to believe I could avoid radiation.  (But no, I'm not a doctor.)  I don't look that different, really.

The specimen was estrogen dependent, and as I expected the surgeon mentioned tamoxifen again, with better statistics than I've read.

He looked at my incision and said, "Looks good."  It has looked good from the beginning.  You'd never think to look at me that so much was removed.

He gave me glowing reports on the oncologists, without pushing.  Suggested I might at least like to see them. And I expect to do that.  Told me how expert the radiation oncologist is - that he would go to her if he needed radiation, and she would not give it to me if I didn't need it.

Told me he thought I would enjoy the medical oncologist, but if I don't like him, Dr. H will send me to someone else.

Two doctors I've never seen, and I'm still very aware that I'm far from my long-trusted primary doctor in L.A.

So, my favorite part of today's visit was Dr. Hubbard's telling me to make another appointment for about four weeks from now.  I had feared leaving his care, letting go of the trapeze and flying thru the air, so to speak.  This way it feels like there's a net under me.

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