Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LUMPECTOMY FOR BEGINNERS and Don't leave the locker room without this

There are legions of women my age who know more about sports than I do.  This does not stop me from writing about hoops and pigskin and jocks.   

In the movie Hoosiers, and a million other films and books, the players don't leave the locker room between halves (or whatever) even after an avalanche of abuse, without some bit of encouragement like:
Plow 'em under! (Yes, I"m in Texas) Or Make me Proud!  Get out there and make  HISTORY!   Or Show 'em whatchu got!

The advice I get in hospital locker rooms is usually:  Put the gown on open to the front and go thru the brown door.   This is somewhat inadequate to prepare me for what's behind the brown door,  and leaves WAY too much to my imagination.   

Before I go out the brown door next time, I should have locker room wisdom in my pocket, or hidden in my underpants if necessary.   For instance:  I'm a Healer!   Some of the best moments in life are in the future!  I've got plans!  Or, to be more locker-roomish,  “You gotta play till the ninth inning, man.” * And even  Show 'em whatchu got!

What I got is a surgeon I trust.  What I got is a successful lumpectomy.  What I got is a history including  successful recovery from spine fusion despite postponing too long. (Note to self:  If I agree to more cancer treatment, don't wait too long.)  What I got is the prayer and meditation.

What I got is good-looking, active CHEERLEADERS who lived through what's in this next quarter.  I got them by daring to speak up about DCIS.   And I spoke to these men and women because they didn't keep their own cancer a secret.

I hope what you got is PLANS for your own particular future.  GOALS.  Show "em whatchu got!  

*John Croslin in Austin Kleon, 

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