Saturday, December 28, 2013

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL - More on day 9, blood pressure and psychology

Taking off my coat, I saw a small woman come into the waiting room.  She looked like a small and delicate very young woman.  It was my doctor.  We went into a treatment room with a new nurse.  The doctor even seemed more friendly and relaxed.  Is this me?  Finally getting comfortable with her?  Or just her after a few days off?

She asked about my energy.  I have taken a nap on some days.  Maybe I do need more rest to be less fidgety and finish the gift drawing and painting for my family.

My bp was 161  - too much rushing around.   I remember that passage in Bling that said after bp 145, all systems are definitely not Go, or words to that effect,  and some motor functions are disintegrating.
I don't to be driving when it's over 145

The nurse took it again and it was about 141.

Still haven't ordered an all cotton soft bra.

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