Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I just got a letter cautioning me against worrying all the time.  Actually I don't worry as much as one might think, and didn't mean to suggest that I do..  And I don't think other  women with DCIS worry all the time.  Hope not.

Here's what else I do:

Look for warmer clothes.  Greater Houston area can be freezing, and the Mayo Clinic book suggests I might want to aim for 5 hours of exercise!   every week to prevent cancer.  You know, like the tough woman detectives in my addictive mystery novels - they run miles before breakfast.  Maybe I need a dog . .

Go for my walk, which is over a thousand steps but not 10,000.

Pray that I'll like the radiation oncologist.

Load the dishwasher.  Let the household cats in and out and in. Laundry.  Write.  Read. Meditate.

Go to a meeting.  Talk with my family about other things, not about DCIS.   I text my daughter about significant appointments and results.

Go to Starbucks and feel like a member of the community.  ( A coffee shop or two was my refuge in California, and I met some great people there.)

Sing along with the music on the car radio, and enjoy driving.

Give thanks for new friends like the neighbor who had radiation and it did not make her sick.

Give thanks for other friends and my dear family.

Give thanks for some magnificent doctors in my life in both states.

Confide in people I trust.

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