Friday, December 6, 2013

LUMPECTOMY FOR BEGINNERS _ When to call the radiation oncologist

Dr. Hubbard suggested that I could call the radiation oncologist after the holidays, to schedule a talk.  I thought I should call right away.  But . . .

I wish my health were better now.  I want to be at optimum health if I'm told I should have radiation.  I'm worried because I've read in places including the Mayo Clinic book that I would experience fatigue with the treatment.   But I already have frequent tiredness.  And the family will be gone the last week of this month, so I'll be tired alone (this is the woman who lived alone for 20 years),

Three days ago, in response to my complaints, the digestive health doctor allowed big changes to my medicine regime.  I need time to see if the new routine helps.

And, I'm worried about all the x-rays that were connected to the spine problem, including some chest films.  But if I need radiation, I'll need it anyway.

And my lungs already took a beating during the coughing virus and two subsequent infections  in 2012.

What I should be doing is keeping up my search for ways to be more healthy every day.

And I should print this out to help me remember what to talk to the radiation oncologist about.

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