Wednesday, December 25, 2013

LUMPECTOMY - THE SEQUEL . . . Christmas eve and radiation

This morning, Tuesday:  my legs were still bothering me.   Got my walk in anyway, and wondered if I'll make five hours of exercise this week. . .

The radiation therapists feel like friends now.  The woman therapist even remembered my plans for the holiday.

This week, my old tech editor gene came back to life and started me wondering what the parts of the radiation machine are called.  I can kind of tell by the sound now and by more or less room light on my closed eyes when the machine is moving back and forth over me.

Afterward, the therapists were more than willing to help me sit up the way I was taught after spine surgery, rolling on my side first.  We all wished each other Merry Christmas.

Back in town, traffic was lighter, even at the market.  Once out of the car, though, the leg nerves still jabbed me every little while.

My breast seemed less swollen and more normal this morning - who knows how this works.

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