Sunday, December 8, 2013

LUMPECTOMY FOR BEGINNERS - Post Op, take a breath

The steri strips are off.  I wish I'd asked the doctor to take them off - it had been two weeks.  I liked the surgery area better with the strips on.  But I'll see him next month and we can talk about how it looks and feels.  I didn't have any infection; no serious bruises.  Sometimes it hurts for a bit, then doesn't.   I do wear my soft bra, but usually not to sleep.

My friend, who has been through some of this already, advised me not to judge myself--that some of the fatigue can be due to the diagnosis that led to the lumpectomy.  She reminded me that nobody is really prepared to hear she has cancer (despite what some now call DCIS. . . "baby cancer" or "doorway to cancer" or "not cancer."  Hearing it is a shock at some level.

 Life does change.  New doctors (a fear of mine in a new state), appointments, reading the Mayo clinic site like the daily newspaper.  And reading my pathology report . . . which was more disappointing than I admitted to myself.

I'm older than my friend and in this new state and  my new environment.  I need to be realistic instead of apologetic, and take the breaks I need.  Breaks to be sure how I really feel and then to put it in perspective.

And a wise, kind person left a Starbucks gift card on my steering wheel!  Treats are good.

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