Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LUMPECTOMY FOR BEGINNERS: the day, the wires, the cut

Back home alive and not too sore so far.

I salute the way the intake worker and some of the nurses in the hospital dress.  Nice, current civvies instead of scrubs makes me feel like I'm still on the healthy-people side of the world.

Wasn't looking forward to the placement of the guide wires for the surgeon's cutting map, but it wasn't bad.
The woman who placed them remembered me from the biopsy.  (The tech says she's the best.)  She asked the tech and me if we had talked about L.A.  The tech is a remarkable woman who should have a title far above tech for her accomplishments in the technical parts of this world in L.A. and beyond.  Is there some plan to the health-related people I'm meeting in TX?

Two weeks to the appointment with the doctor.

More later.

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