Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LUMPECTOMY FOR BEGINNERS AND . . .questions, and questions

The good results from pathology just bring up more and more questions, and give me time to see if any of the questions really need to be asked of the surgeon next week.  When I pressed him earlier for more information, he said he would recommend that I see two oncologists.  One is a woman.  I didn't write down the names.  I would like to know why he chose those particular ones.

I'm doing much research on radiation and medicines, much of it on Mayo Clinic site.  So much research goes into one tiny finding, and who will find it and build on it?  Did I mention that I've ordered the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book?  It may get here the day before the post-op appointment.

Heard (third hand) that one doctor expects some of the new medicines may be available sometime in 2014.

The surgeon said I don't have to see either oncologist.   I hear about friends of friends near my age who simply went home after the lumpectomy. I want to know what the statistics are for women who, for good reasons, did not choose radiation or drugs.

At least, I have time to learn more.

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