Monday, November 25, 2013


Somehow I've managed to keep very busy and not make the surgeon's 2-week appointment.  So far no results about the "lump."  Why do I feel a little fear around making this call?  Probably a combination of old things like fear of authority figures that leads me to believe a doctor can make me do something I don't think is a good idea.  The choices in my future seem like choices between two unpleasant alternatives.  Rotten and dangerous.

And fear of the unknown since I don't have any results yet.  Okay.  Made the appointment.

It's easier to keep me as a person separate from the disease if I'm not talking to doctors, but I did accept an  offer to receive some info from an RN friend of a friend who's done several unpleasant parts of the process.
And I keep re-reading The Immune Power Personality.

I'd like to go for some psychology therapy -- something else I've postponed for so long.

Be well, and let me know what you think.

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