Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday's nap was too long - trouble getting to sleep last night, but no real pain.

Took off the compression (ACE) bandage this afternoon after I finally found the post-surgery instructions.  Then they say in #3 to take it off and also the dressing when I shower.  Oops.  I'm not putting it on again right now.

I'm not anxious to see how I look yet under the dressing.  Taking off the bandage I could see I'm smaller on that size now. Then after shower, supposed to put Ace bandage back on for another 24 hours.  Okay.

I haven't had any real pain.  My high pain threshold is a blessing, since most pain meds make me nauseous, sometimes very nauseous.  I feel sorry for the women who are taking all the high-powered post-op meds.

Taking this sweatshirt off will not be much fun since tendinitis is in this equation as well as the incision.

Surgeon told me I would get the results from pathologist in a few days, but on the phone he told my daughter it could take until my 2-week appointment with him.  (Despite seven years working for a malpractice insurance company, I suddenly have a mental block when I try to say or write "pathologist"  or "pathology.")
There were so many written cautions about the anesthesia lingering, that I didn't even want to venture out alone for my exercise walk today.

Yesterday I think they gave me some kind of pre-op sedative.  I don't remember even going to the procedure room.

There are moments when I feel detached from this - as though it's happening to someone else.  I wonder if other women have had this feeling?  Maybe because I just don't want it to be real.

Yes, it could be worse.  It could also be better.

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