Saturday, November 23, 2013


The morning opened bright and cloudy and pain free, with the news that a college friend had the same diagnosis as I did, and is scheduling her lumpectomy.

ONE OUT OF EIGHT WOMEN is so real to me this week!  It isn't a statistic.  It's my neighbors, my best friend in TX, and acquaintances who haven't told me.  It's a friend with no breasts, and a friend who died at the beach.  Is it the woman in Starbucks who smiles at me every week?

How many does it take before we admit we're mad as hell?  How many of us aren't even mad yet?

Yes, it's wonderful that there are new treatments for women with worse cases than mine.  But if we don't stop this horror before it starts, we'll be walking and running forever for new cures forever,and watching women die.

When will I see a WALK TO FIND THE CAUSE?   Polio stopped because finding the virus made the vaccine possible.

Who's afraid that his company is manufacturing a cause?  

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